About Us


Ramzan Motors was created with one simple idea, to put our customers first. In the beginning, our focus was to offer quality vehicles at affordable prices, whilst taking pride in understanding our customers needs and matching those needs. Our goal was to take the stress out of buying a vehicle.

Forty years later, we feel proud to say our philosophy has not changed. As we plan for the future, our focus on people continues to evolve. With a wide selection of vehicles on the market and a wider range of customer needs, it is often difficult to match the two. At Ramzan Motors, we focus on providing a range of quality vehicles and associated services that are right for our customers.

Our product lines have been expanded to cover a wider selection of quality vehicles in order to effectively satisfy our customer demands.

Our range of programs and services have also been enhanced to ensure that, not only are our customers able to locate the vehicles of their choice but, they are also able to drive away with the least amount of hassle. Ramzan Motors currently deals with strategic partners all over Europe, Asia and North America ensuring our customers are truly able to get the Best Deals on Wheels! Through our extensive International network, we are able to locate a wide range of vehicles at cost-effective prices ensuring our customers are truly able to get the best deals.

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